Wednesday, 21 September, 2011
11:15 -- 13:00
Room B

We.8.B • Nonlinear Transmission II

Chair: Roeland Nuijts; SURFnet, Netherlands
We.8.B.1 • 11:15 (Invited)
Impact of Nonlinear and Polarization Effects on Coherent Systems
Chongjin Xie1; 1Bell Labs, Alcatel-Lucent, USA.
Digital coherent detection changes the ways to manage nonlinear and polarization effects in coherent systems. Recent advances in understanding the impact of fiber nonlinearities, polarization-mode dispersion, and polarization-dependent loss on PDM-QPSK coherent systems are reviewed.
We.8.B.2 • 11:45
800km Transmission of 5x450-Gb/s PDM-32QAM on the 50GHz Grid using Electrical and Optical Spectral Shaping
Xiang Zhou1, Lynn Nelson1, Peter Magill1, Benyuan Zhu2, Dave Peckham2, Rejoy Issac1, K. Carlson2, P. Borel2; 1Optical system Research, AT&T, USA; 2OFS, USA.
We report 8x100km transmission of five 450Gbits/s PDM-32QAM DWDM signals over ultra-large-area fiber and one 50GHz-grid WSS-based ROADM at 8.4b/s/Hz spectral efficiency, enabled by the combined use of electrical and optical spectral shaping techniques
We.8.B.3 • 12:00
10Gb/s over 513km Uncompensated SSMF Link Using Direct Modulation and Direct Detection
Luiz Anet Neto1,2, Philippe Chanclou1, Nicolas Brochier1, Naveena Genay1, Jean-luc Barbey1, Benoit Charbonnier1, Stephane Gosselin1, Ahmed Gharba1, Fabienne Saliou1, Meryem Ouzzif1, Christelle Aupetit-Berthelemot2, Jerôme Le Masson3, Emmanuel Grard4, Victor Rodrigues4; 1Orange Labs, France; 2XLIM, C2S2, Université de Limoges, France; 3Lab-STICC, France; 43S Photonics, France.
We experimentally demonstrate AMOOFDM transmissions at 11.5Gb/s over 513km uncompensated standard single mode fiber (SSMF) and 30Gb/s over 650km dispersion managed fiber (DMF) through intensity modulation and direct detection.
We.8.B.4 • 12:15
15.4 Tb/s transmission over 2400 km using polarization multiplexed 32-Gbaud 16-QAM modulation and coherent detection comprising digital signal processing
Karsten Schuh1, Fred Buchali1, Detlef Roesener2, Eugen Lach1, Oriol Bertran Pardo3, Jeremie Renaudier3, Gabriel Charlet3, Haik Mardoyan3, Patrice Tran3; 1Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs, Germany; 2Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs, Germany; 3Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs, France.
First long haul full C-band 32Gbaud PDM 16-QAM transmission experiment is demonstrated. Successful transmission below hard and soft FEC threshold is measured after 1200 and 2400 km distance reaching a record capacity-bandwidth product for 16-QAM of 37 Pb/s*km.
We.8.B.5 • 12:30
Transmission of a Serial 5.1-Tb/s Data Signal Using 16-QAM and Coherent Detection
Evarist Palushani1,2, Carsten Schmidt-Langhorst1, Thomas Richter1, Markus Nölle1, Reinhold Ludwig1, Colja Schubert1; 1Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute, Germany; 2DTU Fotonik, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark.
Generation, transmission and coherent detection of a 640-GBd RZ-16-QAM, polarization-multiplexed OTDM signal is demonstrated. Considering 7% hard decision FEC overhead, error-free transmission of 4.8 Tb/s is achieved over 80-km dispersion-managed fiber.
We.8.B.6 • 12:45
Polarization Multiplexed 224 Gb/s 16QAM Transmission Employing Digital Back-Propagation
Marco Mussolin1, Danish Rafique2, Jonas Mårtensson1, Marco Forzati1, Johannes K. Fischer3, Lutz Molle3, Markus Nölle3, Colja Schubert3, Andrew Ellis2; 1Netlab, Acreo AB, Sweden; 2Photonic Systems Group, Tyndall National Institute, Ireland, Ireland; 3Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications, Heinrich Hertz Institute, Germany.
We experimentally demonstrate the performance of back-propagation algorithm in coherently-detected 224Gb/s PM-16QAM system, over 250km of uncompensated link, and report 3.5 dB improvement in power tolerance with one back-propagation step for the entire link.